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One of the most powerful ways Jesus delivered His messages was through stories we call parables. What is it about story that makes it such a great conductor of truth? Perhaps it's that we can live moment by moment in the thick of things through its characters. This way, the message the story conveys becomes intensely personal, almost tangible.


Jonathan George has published Bible-based fiction books for middle graders and teens through an independent denominational publishing house and through self-publishing. He has written or has served as contributing author to devotion books for teens, young adults and adults. For nearly two decades, he has written thousands of devotions for a Bible memorization-intensive ministry for children and youths.


His core belief is that God has instilled in him a purpose to impart Biblical wisdom and truth through the art of storytelling. 

He has four grown children and three grandchildren, and lives in Houston, Texas.

My Books

God Quest

Treasure Quest

The Final Riddle

My Books

God Quest

Treasure Quest

The Final Riddle

The Diary Dilemma

Mystery at Peabody Manor

Superheroes Wear Masks Too

My Books
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I give Super Heroes Wear Masks, Too 5 out of 5 stars. For being chicken soup for the soul.


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