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God Quest

While helping the museum curator catalog forgotten artifacts, fourteen-year-old Brianna Elliott and eleven-year-old Seth Elliott stumble across a mysterious clock thought lost for nearly seventy years. When the clock is wound, they slip through an interdimensional portal and tumble into an enormous archive. There, Brianna and Seth meet a peculiar old man known as the Time Chronicler. He provides the Elliott siblings with a powerful book that sends them on a whirlwind journey into the distant past. They find themselves in the heart of Old Testament times where they experience the wonders of the God of Israel which guide them toward an encounter with the King of the Jews. 

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Treasure Quest

Brianna and Seth Elliott were planning a "welcome home" party for their parents, who had been away on an extended archaeological expedition, when they receive a call from their father. He unexpectedly invites them to join them in Israel to chase down a lead on a religious relic. When Brianna and Seth arrive, however, their parents have disappeared. They are given forty-eight hours to find their parents and solve the mystery of their disappearance, a journey that takes them back through time to the first century ad. But, there's a catch. If they fail, they will vanish. Forever. Will they find them in time? And if they do, will it be enough to convince their parents to finally believe the gospel and be saved?

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The Final Riddle

Ariel Hartman, kid super sleuth, is tasked with helping a friend and her family solve a bizarre riddle left by the family patriarch in his Last Will and Testament. The case takes a dangerous turn when Ariel’s friend is kidnapped. All hope seems lost for Ariel to escape a sinister plot meant to keep her from untangling the complex riddle in time for the family to inherit a fortune.

This story is more than a kid’s “whodunit.” At the end, the reader uncovers the clues scattered throughout the mystery that serve to illustrate the major themes found in the Epistle to the Colossians.

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The Diary Dilemma

Ariel Hartman, the seventh-grade super sleuth, is drawn into a mystery that dates back nearly 250 years. A rare diary written by a soldier of the American Revolution is stolen from the Summerville Museum, and Ariel's classmate may have witnessed the crime. The diary contains a page autographed by George Washington that is believed to be the motive for the theft. Ariel must learn the origin of the diary to understand its true worth.


More than a children's 'whodunit', the major points of Galatians are woven into the plot. At the end, the reader plays detective in search of the similarities between the story and the epistle.

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Mystery at Peabody Manor

Ariel Hartman overhears a conversation Timmy has with his father about a ghostly encounter at the old Peabody place. She can't pass up the chance to investigate. But after she and her brother, Lenny, have their own hair-raising experience at the former homestead of the eccentric A. Frazier Peabody, it gets personal. At the same time, there is a series of bizarre thefts in the posh new neighborhood of Summerville Estates. Coincidence? 


Join Ariel as she unearths the mansion’s true secret and, in the process, teaches us a thing or two about the Epistle of Ephesians.

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Superheroes Wear Masks, Too

COVID-19. Just the word has drummed up negative feelings in most of us since it first hit the news reports in early 2020. This is particularly true of kids. This book explores long-standing truths found in the words and life of David to help resolve these present-day emotions felt by many “tweens” and early teens. In this 30 family devotional series, we go back into God’s Word to learn how to develop spiritual immunity in a pandemic.

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