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Words of Love and War

Kids Bible Devotional for June 27, 2024

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Focus Verse

Proverbs 10:12 Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins. (KJV)

Jump Start

"Words are like balm B-A-L-M or like bombs B-O-M-B-S.”

Balm (B-A-L-M) is used for healing. Bombs (B-O-M-B-S) are used to destroy things. Words have a similar effect. They can either keep the peace or they can start a war.

Words are usually a reflection of our feelings. When we are angry, we may yell, call people names, or say hurtful things. When we get upset, its harder to keep the “word bombs” on lock down. But lashing out in anger never helps. Know when to keep silent. Call a time-out or a truce if you need to. Learn to be forgiving and understanding. And, if you need to, walk away. Better to regroup than react. We see this firsthand in today’s lesson.

Today's Devotion

“You broke it on purpose!” David shouted.  He lunged at Liam. “I’m going to get you for that!”

Mrs. Jensen, the recess monitor, stepped in front of David before he could get to Liam.  “What’s going on here?”

David held out his toy robot, less one arm.  “He broke it.”  He motioned to an identical toy robot that Liam was holding.  “Of course, he didn’t break his.”

“It was an accident,” Liam pleaded.  “I didn’t know his toy was right behind me when I stepped backwards.”

“Alright, let’s get inside.” She gazed at both boys.  “I’m surprised at you two. You’re supposed to be friends.”

As the teacher corralled the onlookers toward the school building, David leaned into Liam. “This isn’t over.  After school you and me are going to fight.” He shoulder-checked Liam on his way up the stairs.

After school, Liam looked warily for David and found him waiting by the flagpole.  When David saw Liam exit the building, he shrugged off his backpack and stomped toward him.  “I’m going to break your nose like you broke my robot,” David threatened.

Liam pulled his toy robot from his jacket pocket and held it out to David. “Here, take mine. I really didn’t mean to break your toy. I’m sorry.”

David stared down at the toy in Liam’s hand.  “Is this some kind of a joke?”

“No joke,” Liam replied.  “We’ve been friends since Kindergarten. I’d much rather have you as a friend than some dumb old toy.  So here.” Liam placed the robot into David’s hands. “You keep it.”

David’s face softened. “Listen, man. I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. I know you didn’t mean to break it. It was dumb of me to think so. I lost my cool. You keep it. Your friendship is more important than a stupid toy robot anyway.”

Wrap Up

Showing kindness and humility has an amazing ability at times to calm a hostile situation. But if we can’t change the situation, we should learn to change our location. Sometimes we have to walk away until cooler heads prevail.

This is easier said than done, I know. But maybe this will help. Several years ago, there was a popular expression going around: “What would Jesus do?”, or WWJD. This is a great reminder to ask ourselves when we’re not sure how to handle a situation. The thing is, we need Jesus to act like Jesus.

Pray that Jesus gives you His strength when it’s hard to keep your cool.

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