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Unsung Heroes

Kids Bible Devotional for February 22, 2024

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Focus Verse

II Timothy 4:7 I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. (KJV)

Jump Start

Francesca Battistelli said it best in her song “He Knows My Name” when she sang, “I’m famous in my Father’s eyes.” You know what? You really are famous to God.

There is a special grave in the Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C. called the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”. Inside is buried an unidentified military man from World War I. The inscription on the tomb reads, “Here Rests In Honored Glory An American Soldier Known But To God". His burial place pays tribute to all those unnamed men and women who have died in wartime service for their country.

There are unknown warriors who have served the Lord as well. These folks have followed after Christ, carried the gospel to their communities, and have lived a life pleasing to God. We may never know their names or the deeds they’ve done on this side of Heaven, but God knows.

Today's Devotion

Ryan and his mother left the funeral service of one of the elders in their church congregation.

“I’ve never been to a funeral like that before,” Ryan said. “People were praising God through most of it. Why was that? Were they happy Brother Jackson died?”

His mother unlocked the car door and motioned Ryan inside. “They were not happy he died but rejoicing in knowing that He is with Jesus.”

“But aren’t they sad that he’s gone? Shouldn’t they be crying?”

“His family is very sad. We all are sad at his passing. He was such a kind man who encouraged others. Nobody could pray like Brother Jackson. But I think you’re confusing their peace with happiness. We have hope knowing that Brother Jackson is in a far better place than even we are. And we will see him again someday. And you know why?”

Ryan shook his head.

“The Bible says that the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in us. One day that Spirit will cause us to also get up from the grave and spend eternity with Jesus. That’s what got them excited. They know he’s not gone forever. We will get to go where Brother Jackson and many of our loved ones who have already gone before us. That is to be with the Lord.”

“I get it now,” Ryan said. “I definitely want to be with Jesus one day. I hope I make a difference like Brother Jackson did. He was a great man of God.”

Wrap Up

As Paul neared the end of his life, he reached out to his dear friend, Timothy. Paul gave him words of encouragement and told him how much he was missed. Paul also told Timothy that he was ready to go be with the Lord because “he had fought a good fight.” Like Paul, we all should be brave soldiers in God’s army.

Have you known great men and women of God who have made a difference in other’s lives who are with Jesus right now? Do you want to make a difference like them?

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