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The Right Stuff

Kids Bible Devotional for January 30, 2024

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Focus Verses

I Timothy 3:15 But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth. (KJV)

Jump Start

“Wannabes” need not apply.

I ran across an internet posting by a person who was responsible for hiring editors for a business magazine. She had received an interesting letter from a National Park Ranger who manned an isolated fire tower. He wrote how he always wanted to be a writer and an editor. About his experience, he wrote that because he worked around trees, and that paper comes from trees, this gave him a background in the printing and publishing business. The hiring manager that received the letter felt he had spent far much time alone in the woods.

In the world of business, in order to get a job, you have to meet certain standards. The same holds true in ministry.

Today's Devotion

“You ready to go, sport?” Dad shouted from the foot of the stairway.

Jimmy raced from his room and bounced down the stairs, skipping every other step. “You bet I am,” he proclaimed.

Dad laughed. “I can see you are. We better get a move on. We’ve got a lot of lumber to buy for that tree house.”

In the truck headed toward Finnegan’s Hardware Store, Dad turned to Jimmy, “So how was the kid’s block party at church last night?”

Jimmy shrugged. “It was alright, I guess.”

“You don’t sound too impressed,” Dad said.

“It’s just not the same without Brother Sam. He was a good Junior Youth Pastor. I hated when he moved.”

Dad nodded. “Yeah, he’s a good man. But God gave him a church to pastor now.”

“I know. And, I heard Pastor Garcia’s met with a couple of men to take his place, but hasn’t hired anyone yet. I mean, what’s the big deal? How hard can it be to find someone to lead Kids’ Ministry?”

By then they had arrived at the hardware store, but instead of parking in front, Dad drove to the back and parked near the dumpsters. He eased out of the truck and motioned for Jimmy to follow.

“Okay, this is where they toss out their scrap lumber. I’ll lift you up and you root around this trash container for some good pieces. Then we’ll see if old man Finnegan will charge for it.”

Jimmy scowled. “But I thought we were buying new lumber? You didn’t say anything about buying scraps.”

Dad leaned against the dumpster. “I wasn’t planning to at first but then what you said about looking for a new Junior Youth Pastor got me to thinking. It’s just a tree house, right? So what’s the big deal?”

Jimmy stood speechless. Dad let out a hearty laugh. “I’m just kidding. We’ll use new lumber. But it’s the same principle with Pastor Garcia searching for a replacement for Brother Sam. He’s not going to just hire anyone. He wants the best possible leader for you kids - someone that will live and teach this great truth. You wouldn’t want anything less, would you?”

“No,” said Jimmy, shaking his head. “I guess not.”

“Good. Then hop in the truck and we’ll drive to the front. I’m ready to get started building you the best possible tree house I can.”

Wrap Up

In the New Testament, Timothy was a pastor and, as such, was responsible for those he appointed as leaders. Paul made it clear to Timothy in I Timothy 3:1-16 about his expectations for who could serve in these important church roles.

The next time you see your pastor be sure to thank him for the great example he sets in living up to God’s expectations.


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