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Stick to the Path

Kids Bible Devotional for May 7, 2024

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Focus Verse

1 Peter 2:21 For to this you were called, because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that you should follow His steps: (NKJV)

Jump Start

“Step this way. Follow me. I’ll get you there safe and sound.”

Have you ever been to a place where you needed a tour guide? There are many types of tour guides. There are guides that show you a place of historical importance. There are guides that take you around a city to different spots tourists would want to visit. There are even guides known as sherpas who take people up to the top of Mount Everest.

When it comes to our walk with God, we need a guide as well. We need the help of God to see along this journey called life. More specifically, we need the Spirit of Jesus Christ in us to lead us into an abundant and overcoming life. Paul told the saints at Corinth in 1 Corinthians 11:1 to follow me as I follow Christ. Another translation reads imitate me as I imitate Christ. In other words, Jesus leads, we follow.

Today's Devotion

Leo and his dad jumped out of the truck. “Follow me and stay on the trail,” Leo’s dad said.

“I will, Dad,” Leo promised. “I’m so excited that you brought me out to the state park for a hike. I’ve wanted to go for a long time.”

His father pulled their backpacks from the bed of the truck. “I’ve wanted to bring you, too. With all my traveling for work, I hadn’t had a chance to do it before now.”

“That’s okay,” Leo said. He gazed out on the cactus and shrub brush that dotted the rocky terrain. “So, tell me again about the time you and your grandpa came up here for an overnight camping trip.”

His father stepped onto a narrow strip of earth carved by the many foot travelers that had come before. “We were sitting around the campfire after sunset. The fire and the shimmering stars in the night sky were our only light. Grandpa was roasting hot dogs when suddenly we heard the lonely cry of a wolf. I looked up and saw the wolf just off a rock ledge. I just about jumped out of my boots.”

Leo veered off the path when a rattle stopped him in his tracks. A rattlesnake sat coiled ready to strike just a few feet ahead of him.  He let out a scream. His father raced to his side.

“Don’t move!” Dad said in a calming tone.

Leo began to shake and his eyes welled with tears.

“It’s okay, son. He’s just warning you to stay back. I want you to listen to my voice. Don’t make any sudden movements. Stay right where you are.”

A minute later – which seemed an eternity in Leo’s mind – the snake dropped its head to the ground, uncoiled its scaly body, and slithered away into the brush.

Leo raced into his dad’s arms. “I want to go home,” he bellowed.

“We can, but remember what I told you. Keep to the trail. Snakes usually don’t come onto the trail. If they do, I’ll be there to protect you.”

“I should have listened to you,” Leo said. “I just wanted to check out that big cactus.”

“It’s alright, son. Let’s just stick to the plan. I want to retrace the steps your grandpa took me when I was your age. That is, if you still feel up to it.”

Leo lifted his tear-stained face. “Okay. But this time, I’m going to stick to you like glue.”

Wrap Up

There are a lot of dangers to our spiritual man out there. If we’re not careful, we can become distracted, discouraged, or self-reliant and not notice that we have gotten off the path God intended. However, if we keep our focus on Jesus with faith and prayer, we know He won’t lead us astray. And if we veer off, He can get us back on track.

Ask Jesus to help you follow after Him every step of the way.

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