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Say Again

Kids Bible Devotional for January 2, 2024

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Focus Verse

I Thessalonians 1:8 For from you sounded out the word of the Lord not only in Macedonia and Achaia, but also in every place your faith to God-ward is spread abroad; so that we need not to speak any thing. (KJV)

Jump Start

Repeat after me: Jesus loves me. Telling yourself that Jesus loves you – well – that’s easy, right? But what about telling others about how much Christ loves them? Well, that’s just what the church at Thessalonians did. And, boy, Paul couldn’t brag enough on them.

Today's Devotion

“Watch your step, son,” Dad cautioned, reaching for Jackson’s arm.

“Thanks, Dad. I almost slipped,” Jackson said. “By the way, I’m glad you let me come with you to the caves. I hope your tests turn out okay.” Jackson’s dad was a scientist doing research on plants that live in dark places. He brought Jackson along as a reward for the good grades he got on his last report card.

“Well, son, you deserve it. I’m proud of the hard work you’ve put in at school. And who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be a scientist like me.”

“That would be great,” Jackson said, a broad smile stretched across his freckled face.

“Up ahead is Echo’s Point.” Dad pointed to a large opening several yards in front of them.

“Why do they call it Echo’s Point?”

“I’ll show you.” Dad stepped into the middle of the opening. “Ahem.” He cleared his throat. “Hello,” he yelled. His voice bounced off the rock walls and echoed around the cave.

He turned back to Jackson and grinned. “See? That’s why it’s called Echo’s Point. You want to try?”

“You bet I do.” Jackson ran to his father. He took a deep breath and shouted his name as loud as he could. He laughed as he heard “Jackson” repeated several times.

Dad laid a hand on Jackson’s shoulder. “Cool huh?” Jackson nodded excitedly.

“It's amazing how one word can come back to us again and again,” Dad said. “God wants us to be like these walls. When we hear the good news of Christ’s love and sacrifice, He wants us to repeat it to someone who’s never heard it before. In a way, we become like Echo’s Point.”

“Yeah, my Sunday School teacher said something like that. She said if you love Jesus don’t hold it back. Sound it out so the whole world can hear you.”

“That’s good advice, son. Come on. It’s just a little further to my test site. Uh, but watch out for the bats.”

“Bats?” Jackson’s voice cracked.

His father chuckled. “Just kidding.”

Wrap Up

Paul said the Thessalonians opened their hearts to the good news (gospel) of Christ that they heard from Paul, Silas and Timothy. But they didn’t stop there. Paul praised them because they sounded the truth that they heard throughout their area. For this, their hard work and love for God was well known.

How about you? Is there something God has done for you that you just can’t wait to share with a friend or loved one?

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