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Read the Instructions

Kids Bible Devotional for July 4, 2024

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Focus Verse

Proverbs 12:15 The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but he who heeds counsel is wise. (NKJV)

Jump Start

"Let’s see. Place bolt B into washer D then insert into panels F and Z. What? Oh, never mind! I’ll just wing it"

Who’s the person in your house who figures out those crazy instructions for products where some assembly is required? No doubt, you’ve probably caught them scratching their heads trying to follow the directions. They are not always easy to understand.

Some people are really good at putting things together and rarely need the directions. I am not one of those persons. I really need those directions, even though I can’t say that they always make sense to me.

You know what else has directions we need to understand? The Bible.  How else would we know what God wants if we didn’t read His instructions found in the Bible? We would just be making up stuff, and that would be silly, right?

Today's Devotion

“Class, this is your science project assignment,” Mr. Storey, Andy’s science teacher, said as he handed out sheets of paper to each of the students. “Make sure you read the instructions very carefully. They have changed since last year. It’s now theme-focused.”

After school, Andy’s friend Timmy joined up with him.  “Do you know what you’re doing for your project?”

Andy stuck out his chest. “Sure do. I’m going to do what my brother did when he was in this class.”

“Isn’t he in college studying to be an electrical engineer?” Timmy asked.

“Sure is. Mr. Storey wasn’t even here when he took this class. He’ll never know that my brother did it years ago. This is going to be the easiest assignment yet.”

Two Weeks Later

Andy strutted into the science classroom carrying a complex circuit board. It contained a series of wires and bulbs connected to a panel of batteries.

He placed the device on the table with the other science projects. He couldn’t help but smirk at his cleverness to reuse his brother’s old design. After all, he got a prize for it when he was in school. Andy expected as much until Mr. Storey walked up to Andy’s project and scowled.

“Andy, I take it you didn’t read the instructions. If you did, you would have known that all experiments were to focus on conservation and recyclable energy. Electronics were specifically disallowed.”

The blood drained from Andy’s face. He never even looked at the instructions.

Wrap Up

There are a lot of products on the market that have a warning that reads, “Please carefully read the directions before using.” This is because there are important facts or actions the buyer must understand to keep themselves safe. It seems to me that the Bible should come with a warning. Please read before leaving Earth. Better yet, please obey before leaving Earth.

Now, you might say the Holy Spirit is our instructor who leads us into all truth. This is true. However, God expects that we know what His Word says so we can be assured that the voice guiding us is Him, not ourselves or a false teacher. Left to our own devices, we would just do what was good in our own eyes, and according to today’s theme verse, that would be foolish.

Why do you think it’s important to read and study the Bible?

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