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Pieced Together

Kids Bible Devotional for April 2, 2024

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Focus Verse

I Peter 2:5 Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ. (KJV)

Jump Start

“Okay, listen up! To save the world, we must steal the blueprints to Dr. Bad Guy’s secret plan."

No doubt you’ve read or watched an action story where someone has to get their hands on a secret blueprint to save the day. In everyday life, blueprints are very important guides used by builders when constructing buildings or machinery.

When putting together a puzzle, the picture on the box is a blueprint of sorts. At the end, your puzzle pieces must be arranged in such a way that they perfectly reflect that image. In living for God, we have God’s Word and we have Jesus after which to pattern our lives. The Bible tells us how to live an overcoming life, and Jesus is the One whom we model our lives after. Isaiah speaks of a tried and precious cornerstone where is laid a sure foundation. We know this to be Jesus who is the Chief Cornerstone of the church.

Today's Devotion

Max bounded into the house, carrying a shopping bag. Racing up to his mother in the living room, he withdrew a brightly colored cardboard box from the bag. “Look at what Dad and I bought!” he said.

His mother studied the front of the box. “A 500-piece puzzle? Hmm. What a beautiful autumn picture with all those colorful leaves. I didn’t know you liked puzzles.”

“Dad said they’re more fun than a video game. I’m not so sure, though. But I told him I’d try it out.”

Max’s father walked into the room. “I see he’s shown you our latest father-son project.”

“He has,” Mom replied. “He said you found them more fun than playing video games.”

“They are for me,” he said, laughing. Dad turned to Max. “When do you want to put it together?”

“How about right now?” Max said.

“I guess there’s no time like the present,” Dad said, following Max to the dining room table.

Max tore the box’s seal and pulled away the lid. “Oh my, there are a lot of pieces. How are we ever going to figure this out?”

Dad tapped on the lid. “By using this picture as our guide. But first, you need to know that there’s a strategy to putting together puzzles.”

“There is? Like what?” Max asked.

“First, we’re going to gather the corner and side pieces to frame the puzzle.” He began to search for the pieces with straight edges. “Then we’ll use the picture on the box to sort out the remaining pieces by shapes and colors.”

“Okay, I got it. Side pieces first then use the picture to figure out the middle,” Max repeated. “I’m sure glad you’re helping me because I would not know where to start to fit the pieces together.”

Mom ambled into the room and sat at the end of the table. “You’d be surprised how many Christians are that way,” Mom said.

“What way?” Max said, helping his father group the pieces into piles.

“Many people go through their Christian walk trying to be like someone they admire,” Mom replied. “They try to act like them, look like them, and so forth. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, in reality we should pattern our lives after Jesus. He’s like this picture on the box. Are we shaping up to be more like Jesus every day?”

“That’s a great analogy, sweetheart,” Dad said. “Jesus is called our chief cornerstone. Cornerstones were used in ancient times to frame out a building. We build our lives on Jesus and on His Word.”

“I think I understand,” Max said, scratching his head. “Now, if only I can figure out this puzzle. It’s a little harder than I thought it would be.”

Wrap Up

In II Corinthians 10, Paul teaches that it is not wise to compare ourselves with one another. When we do this, it’s often to build ourselves up or to tear ourselves down. Also, humans are imperfect creatures. Paul gives us a much more constructive measurement in Ephesians 4:13. Our goal is to reach to the measure of the fullness of Christ. Our blueprint is Jesus, and only with the help of Jesus will we mature into the person God wants us to be.

How are you measuring up? Still room for improvement? Don’t worry. We all have areas in our lives for God to perfect Himself in us. Just keep your focus on Jesus.

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