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Night Vision

Kids Bible Devotional for April 25, 2024

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Focus Verse

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (KJV)

Jump Start

Close your eyes. Imagine you are in your most favorite spot in the world. Where did your imagination take you?

One of my favorite things about writing fiction is that I can let my imagination roam free. Who needs to worry about the laws of physics? I can make my characters fly. That is the power of a story. We can suspend belief, escape from normalcy, and just let our imaginations take over.

In many ways, we can do the same thing when we unfurl our faith. No, I’m not talking about fantasy and make-believe. I’m not even talking about mind over matter. Rather, I’m talking about believing that God has the power to change our circumstances or change us in the process despite what our senses tell us.

When the Israelites stood on the banks of the Red Sea, waters too deep to cross on foot stood in front of them. Pharaoh’s army closed in behind them, cutting off their only visible means of escape. How did they respond? With fear, sadly. But how did Moses respond? He didn’t see impassable waters. He saw with his eyes of faith a pathway to freedom by God’s strong hand. God parted the waters, and the seabed became dry land upon which the Israelites could walk. Moses saw beyond their immediate reality.

Imagine if you could penetrate the darkness and see as well as if it was daytime. We explore this idea in today’s devotion.

Today's Devotion

When Ryan arrived home from school, he found a package on the front porch addressed to his father. He walked it inside and set it on the table in the foyer for his father to find when he came home from work later that evening.

Sure enough, a few hours later, Ryan heard the front door open. Seconds later, his father let out a whoop. “Hey, Ryan. Come check this out,” his father called out.

Ryan raced in the foyer where he found his father with a pair of odd-looking binoculars strapped to his head.

“So, what do you think?” Dad asked.

“I think you look like an alien. What are those things?”

“It’s a pair of night vision goggles. I thought we’d use it on the deer lease.” He stripped the goggles from his head. “It’s dark outside. Let’s go try them out.”

The two of them walked out into the backyard. The only visible light came from the stars that speckled the night sky. His dad switched on the goggles and scanned the yard. “Check out that owl in the tree.”

“What owl? I don’t see anything.”

His father placed the go over Ryan’s eyes and adjusted the head strap. Immediately, everything turned from pitch black to sharp green. Ryan looked in the tree where his dad pointed and spotted a barn owl perched on a low limb.

“Wow, that is so cool,” Ryan said, “Now, we can see things at night.”

“I just hope your mother doesn’t see the credit card bill and find out how much I spent for this thing,” Dad joked. “But they are super cool.”

Wrap Up

In today’s verse, the writer of Hebrews described faith as the evidence of things not seen. In a spiritual sense, faith is like those night vision goggles from today’s devotion. We may not be able to see perfectly how things will work out. Yet, if we look through the eyes of faith, we have confidence that God will turn all things for our good. When we use our faith goggles, we look at circumstances differently. Impossibilities become opportunities for God to do amazing things in our lives.

Do you need a different perspective on something going on in your life or the life of a loved one? Put on your faith goggles, and picture God meeting that need in awesome ways.

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