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Kids Bible Devotional for April 4, 2024

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Focus Verse

Hebrews 6:10 For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have showed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister. (KJV)

Jump Start

Have you ever gotten that sinking feeling like you forgot something important?

I think we have all have been guilty of forgetting something important. Long ago, people were encouraged to tie a string around their finger as a reminder. The thought was that because the string is easily seen, it should make harder to forget whatever it was we had to remember. Even Solomon in Proverbs 7:3 exhorted his son to keep in remembrance his words and commandments by binding them upon his finger and keeping them close to his heart.

When it comes to great accomplishments or feats of humankind, we erect memorials or write books so as to not forget. Even simple memories that we don’t want to forget we often jot down in calendars or notes or take photographs or videos to remind us of the event.

But what about God? Does He forget? We know of one thing He forgets. In Jeremiah 31:35, God promised to forgive the wickedness of His people and remember their sins no more. But what about what we do for Him?

Today's Devotion

Charlotte’s eyes popped open when she smelled the aroma of bacon sizzling in the kitchen. Her birthday had finally dawned. She sprang out of bed and marched down the hallway. She expected her father to greet her with a giant stuffed teddy bear like he did last year. But he just smiled warmly as she entered the room, sipping his coffee.

“Good morning, sunshine. You hungry?” he asked.

Charlotte shrugged wordlessly. She grabbed a bowl from the cabinet and poured herself some cereal, overwhelmed with disappointment that there was no surprise. Not even a birthday greeting.

Later that day, she thought maybe he’d show up for a birthday lunch. He’s done that before. Yet, lunch came and went with no sign of her father. She was convinced he’d forgotten.

Throughout the day, her friends wished her a Happy Birthday. The sentiments rang hollow. As the day progressed, she fell deeper into sadness. When the school bus dropped her off in front of her house, she noticed that her dad’s car was not parked in the driveway. Normally, he was home when she got out of school. She unlocked the front door and stepped into a quiet house.

“Dad,” she called out. No response. “Dad!” she yelled louder.

Suddenly, the room erupted into shouts as people popped out of hiding places. “Happy Birthday!” All her family was there.

Her father strolled up to her with his hands behind his back. “You didn’t think I’d forget, did you? I went out of town to get you this.” He held out a box that contained the latest books by her favorite author. “I drove to Houston to have the author personally sign each one for you.”

She loved these books so much because she hoped to be an author someday like the writer of these stories. At the sight of this gift, Charlotte became too emotional to speak. She wrapped her arms around her father’s waist and wept.

Wrap Up

In our devotion, Charlotte’s father not only remembered her birthday but her favorite author and her own passion to be a writer one day. Our Heavenly Father pays even more attention to us. In Matthew 10, Jesus teaches that if the Father knows when two sparrows fall to the ground, He is no less attentive to us. Jesus said the very hairs on our head are numbered.

How big do you think God’s love is for you?

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